Macka Diamond defends raunchy picture

November 03, 2016
Macka Diamond


Entertainer Macka Diamond has responded to critics, stating that they should unfollow her if they are disturbed by the things she posts on social media.

This comes after several social media users lashed out at the deejay for a recent photo posted to her Instagram page. In the picture, Macka Diamond is seen posing with her legs spread apart and her private region barely covered.

"Close you legs. A rubbish truck needs to pick her up. Is she a mom," one user posted. "You too grown for this ... Macka need attention that bad," another commented.


Not approve


Having caught wind of the many negative comments, Macka again took to her Instagram page to address her 'haters', telling those who did not approve to unfollow her.

"I don't buy followers, and I do not buy friends on the Internet," she said. "Mi nuh pay nuh money fi unuh, so who nuh real and who nuh like how mi dress and how mi wah look, unuh can just block unuh self."

Then, on Wednesday evening, she followed up on a promise to 'treat' naysayers when she showed 'haters' her rear in another video response.

When THE STAR spoke to Macka Diamond, she defended her actions.

"I've always been posting my stuff on Instagram, but the bullies are like this. When you post good stuff, they don't comment, but once they feel it's bad, they feel like they can comment," she said.

"I had a show and I was in my Halloween costume, and I took a picture and I put it up. I wasn't even thinking about them or what they would think negative about it. At the end of the day, I don't feel anyway."

She also responded to critics who have deemed her behaviour as inappropriate because of her age.

"Fret dem a fret. I am the hot big woman around here, and mi look too good and the young boy dem want me," she said.


Seeing nakedness


Though the entertainer defended her raunchy photo, she was singing a different tune earlier this year, as she sought to bring a change to dancehall music with her song Praise God.

In April, the singer told THE STAR that she was tired of seeing nakedness dominating dancehall music, and had begun a journey, alongside fellow artiste Unycorn, to reorder the entertainment industry using the gospel.

When asked whether or not she still had plans on leading a spiritual life, the entertainer explained that although she has been going to church and is a strong believer in God, she never promised anyone she was going to convert to Christianity.

"Me and nobody never hold nuh Christian argument," she said. "I've been doing music for more than 20 years and mi grateful to God, so mi tell him say every year I'm going to sing a song for him. It has nothing to do with baptise or Christianity, so I don't know why people trying to mix me," Macka said.

This is not the first time Macka Diamond has been bashed for raunchy photos. In 2013, explicit photos from her Dye Dye video shoot where she was seemingly receiving oral sex from a male made their way to social media, and users attacked the artiste for the vulgar content.

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