Deep Jahi drops new single


November 04, 2016

Known for his thought-provoking lyrics, singer Deep Jahi has released his latest single 'Much Less'.

The song, produced by Quantanium Records, speaks about rising above the obstacles in life and fulfilling one's goals and aspirations.

"The message in the song is really about displaying our lives from nothing to something. It also speaks to the fact that you can work towards your dream, you can make it a reality. It's about the struggles of life," Deep Jahi explained. The artiste has been working in the studios, putting out material with a positive and conscious message. Some of his recent recordings include Drink and Smoke, Hustlers, Rain Glow, Lighters, Bad Mind Expire, Motivation and Greatness. YGF Production, Haad Rock, Cash Flow, Lee Milla Production and Frenz for Real are some of the production houses that Deep Jahi has been working with in recent times.

Deep Jahi, whose real name is Rushane Sanderson, is from St Mary. While attending Moneague College (where he studied management and information systems), he entered the 'Magnum King of the Dancehall' competition, where he finished first. He later released songs including Life Goes On, Nuh Punching Bag, and Another Murder, Greatness, Heart Crush, Conversation and Harsh Reality.

In 2014, he won the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission's Festival Song competition with his entry I Love JA.

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