Pretty Boy Floyd returns to Magnum Kings and Queens

November 04, 2016
Danielia McLean, sponsorship manager at Digicel shares a drink of Magnum with Pretty Boy Floyd who will return as host of the Digicel D Endz segment in the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall TV show. The announcement was made at the season 10 launch of the show held at Stone Love Headquarters.

Comedian Pretty Boy Floyd said his return as host of the Digicel D'Endz on the Magnum Kings and Queens (MKQ) of Dancehall is the prescription that Jamaica desperately needs to help reduce social ills.

"Laughter is the best medicine, and I am a comedian, so that is what I do best. I am just bringing back the excitement. Jamaica is really in need of that. When I walk the streets from Kingston to Westmoreland ... the sentiments being echoed in the streets are, 'Floyd, we need you back'," he told THE WEEKEND STAR.

"A lot of people are very frustrated with life itself, but if you have a person who is jovial coming around them, then it can give them a sense of purpose," he added. Pretty Boy Floyd said that Jamaicans tended to take too many things seriously.

"I think that if persons lighten up a little bit, crime and violence will go down," he reasoned. Known for his unfiltered and comical comments, Pretty Boy Floyd, whose real name is Ludlow Peynado, previously served as host for the segment in the show's earlier years and was a crowd favourite.

"To be honest, I never left MKQ, I've always been a strong supporter of the show. I've also been a strong supporter of the various hosts of the D'Endz, even taking the time out to encourage them to bring their A-game because D'Endz is the place where the fans look for all the excitement from the artistes. So it's such a good feeling to be here again," Pretty Boy Floyd said.

The Digicel D'Endz is the segment of the talent show where viewers get a chance to learn more about the contestants through interviews. The segment also allows contestants to give feedback on each other's performances. Pretty Boy Floyd was forced to step down because he was contracted to the competitor of one of the sponsors. However, with that deal now behind him, the comedian said that his aim now is to inject new life into the show.

"It is about investigating the culture and bringing that vibe and that energy that when it is switched from the main stage to the Digicel D'Endz, people don't have to get up and go to the bathroom. They just want to sit and anticipate what Floyd is going to bring," he said.

The live shows of the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall are expected to return to TVJ in February 2017.

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