Bellamy joins list of entertainment players to enter politics

November 05, 2016
Andrew Bellamy, the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) candidate for the Mona division at the Jamaica Conference Centre where the date for the Local Government Elections were announced yesterday.
Patrick Roberts
Stevie Face

Party promoter Andrew Bellamy has stepped into the political arena as he will be running for a seat in the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation (KSAC).

Bellamy, the man behind the popular I Love Soca event, and who is responsible for staging Water Party, has been ringing the Jamaica Labour Party's (JLP) Freedom Bell since he was a teenager, and he will be hoping that its melody can help him become a councillor.

"From I was a teenager I have always had an affinity to the Jamaica Labour Party. I have always admired what they did for the economy just after Independence and what they continue to do," the businessman said. Bellamy will be running in the Mona division in Eastern St Andrew.

"It was inevitable. There was a calling, a feel for the need to serve people and to help build communities," Bellamy said.




Mona is traditionally JLP territory but it went to the People's National Party (PNP) in the last local government election. Bellamy told THE STAR that politics and entertainment have many things in common.

"With promotions, with events, you really have to let people know about what you are doing. You have to go out and interact with people. You have to have a message and your product has to be attractive. It is no different with politics," Bellamy said. "The party industry and all the businesses that I have been a part of over the years have helped me even more now because it helps with organisation, which is a big part of any political machinery," he said.

Bellamy joins a growing list of persons from the entertainment industry to have ventured into politics in recent times. Shocking Vibes boss Patrick Roberts, a PNP member, is a serving councillor at the KSAC. Bass Odyssey's owner, Keith Walford, served as member of parliament for South West St Ann for one term from 2012 to 2016, and singer Stevie Face has joined the PNP's executive in Western St Thomas.

Buju Banton's daughter, Jody-Ann Myrie, is also set to contest the Hagley Park seat in the KSAC on a JLP ticket in the upcoming elections.

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