JB Legend searches for his 'dream girl'


November 08, 2016
Contributed photo JB Legend

Jamaica-born recording artiste JB Legend speaks four languages: Dutch, Spanish, English and Papimiento (a dialect spoken in Aruba), and he has the kind of voice destined to impress millions all over the world.

He has been getting feedback for the single Dream Girl released on the 180 Caliba Records label. The single is also available online via the label's website. Born Jermaine Norlando Nugent, he started singing when he was four years old while living in Portmore. To seek a better life, he and his mother migrated to Aruba, where he attended ECB Sanicolas High School and College. He started recording music at age 14 while there.

"I used to sing a Buju Banton at stage shows in Aruba, and people were impressed, and that's when they started calling me 'Buju', but my given name is Jermaine, so they combined the two and my friends started calling me JB. Then when they heard me record, my friends say, 'No man, yu a legend. How you deal wid the track so?' And I became JB Legend," he said.

While in Aruba, he fine-tuned his craft. He has returned to Jamaica to pursue his dream of becoming an artiste. In Aruba, he won several freestyle battles all over the island at music events, but he always felt something was missing.

"I returned to Jamaica because I am determined to find my birthright. I came back, as a legend, to spread my legacy. Jamaica, land we love, is what my heart was missing to inspire me to write the best songs," he said.

There are plans to amp up the promotion of the Dream Girl single soon by shooting a video. JB Legend recently performed on shows in St Ann and St Thomas, where he was well received. He will be performing at a live show with Little Hero on January 25 in Ocho Rios.

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