Culu Culu muted on YouTube over copyright issues

November 09, 2016
Contributed Cornelius Daley of Cornelius Records

The relationship between dancehall artiste Savage and his ex-producer Cornelius Daley of Records/Dutty Fridays Promotion continues to deteriorate as the two are now involved in a copyright battle over songs they produced while working together.

Weeks after being dropped by the record label, the audio from the popular song Culu Culu has been muted on YouTube due to a claim by a copyright holder.

When contacted by the STAR, Daley explained that the move to mute the video came from his camp as himself and Savage are no longer in a business relationship, and he needs to ensure his investments in the projects they worked on are secure.

"It wasn't me personally, it was my publisher who did it (muted the video)," he explained. "We're sorting out some issues and as the producer of the track, I'm free to do what I want to do."

Daley went on to say that he has no issues with Savage and is making the move purely from a business perspective.

"I don't have nothing against that man. We just don't work together anymore," he said. "It's time now for me to get my things together, and as the producer I have certain rights to the song. I'm sorting out all the necessary paperwork so that I get my cut and he gets his cut."

Savage labelled Cornelius' move to mute the video in an effort to get his cut as 'greedy', but explained that the move wasn't necessarily taken against him as the artiste.

"There is no way the producer can be robbed of his cut if they have their copyright sorted out, but I guess he wants to make sure he gets his share from those who re-post the video on YouTube and are earning in that respect."

gain access

Savage explained that he was blindsided by the move to mute his video. He said that after consulting with some professionals he was advised to create an official VeVo account in order to gain access to the song as the artiste. He followed the advise and the video was reposted to his official page yesterday and is now available for viewing by fans.

"I'm just going to continue the hardwork because when you and people not working together they want to see you fall," he said.

"I have no ill feelings towards Cornelius or the record label. I'm just disappointed things couldn't work out better but I'm happy that I'm progressing in my career."

Savage was dropped by Dutty Fridays/Cornelius Records just last month after the label said the artiste was too difficult to manage. The entertainer has since been managing his own career, stating that he will continue to do so until he finds the right team.

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