Garnet Silk Jr excited about possible Grammy nomination

November 09, 2016
Garnet Silk Jr

Although still humble, Garnet Silk Jr is rather happy following news last Monday that his debut album 'Let Reuben Live' is being considered from a Grammy nomination.

The 10-track album, which was released in April, includes a cover of his late father's original song, Disadvantaged, and was published on the younger Silk's Reuben Order Records.

The last child of reggae icon Garnet Silk, who died in 1994, said being considered for a Grammy nomination for his first album is a significant boost to his burgeoning career.

"I see this as a major and promising step forward to be acknowledged by the Grammys, being that this is my very first official project. I am humbled," he said.

The nomination is also a tribute to his father's legacy, Silk said, promising that there is more to come.

"This acknowledgement helps bring to life the significance of the title 'Let Reuben Live and never die', in honour of my father, Garnet Silk, who is a fellow Reubenite," Garnet Jr said. "While my hard-working team and I remain optimistic, we will be taking more steps forward, for this is only the tip of the iceberg. There is much more to behold. Much love to all my supporters, we will make you proud."

Shantell Hill, the artiste's media relations and talent development manager, said she is proud of his achievement.

"I want to offer congratulations to Garnet. It is really wonderful that this is his first complete project. And for it to be submitted and given a nod for consideration even though it is still the preliminary stages, is truly commendable," she said.

"We are aware that it is not a nomination, we are not in the top five, but we are hoping that this first step brings additional awareness to the project, helping to position it against other projects."

She also offered congratulations to the other projects being considered for nomination.

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