RDX extends European tour to please fans


November 10, 2016

After being absent from the European tour circuit for the last two years, dancehall duo RDX believe that their loyal European fans missed their presence in the region based on the reception they have been getting on the continent.

The duo was originally set to spend four weeks on their 'LOL' European tour, but they have had to extend the stint by at least two weeks due to the demand from fans and promoters for shows in additional cities including Toulon, Bordeaux and Strasbourg in France, Amsterdam and Rotterdam in Holland, and Oslo in Norway.

"Since 2008 we have been touring Europe every year, sometimes twice a year. We had to make Europe miss us while we changed booking agent for that region. This tour is with our new agents Ovaproof Bookings, and we are pleased with the response from Europe thus far" Renigade explained.


RDX is also pleased with the traction the new singles Bang, Dazzle Dem, Chrome Wine, Waistline Talk, LOL and Hot Foot are getting on the continent.

"Just the reaction of the audiences, always memorable. The look of awe, joy and admiration on people's faces when RDX performs for them is priceless," Delomar added

The 'LOL' Tour began in Berlin and then continued in Warsaw in Poland, Catanzaro in South Italy, Rome, Stockholm and Malmo in Sweden, and Beek in Netherlands. RDX will perform in Paris and other French city before concluding at the end of November.

While in Europe, RDX also premiered the visuals for the weed-inspired single Footprints on their official RDXVEVO page.

"The video is a real life depiction of what happens at a Shella Posse drink up. Usually RDX just organise a celebration and invite the posse over fi hold a mad vibes. We just hired a professional videographer to capture it this time." Delomar added

The duo have also shot music videos for new singles Bang, Waistline Talk, Your Touch and Comfort Zone, and will be releasing these throughout this year and next year.

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