Sagitarr gets attention with 'Raw Cash'


November 11, 2016

Clarendon-based Sagitarr has gone viral with a video of himself performing Raw Cash that has already gained more than 111,000 views since its upload to YouTube a month ago.

The attention from the clip has given the entertainer the confidence to continue on his journey.

"Raw Cash is all about making money crawl, not about violence and crime. The intention is to uplift the inner-city youths that good life is out there," Sagitarr said.

Produced by Raw Cash Productions, the song has been gaining momentum in the streets, particularly at weekly dancehall events.

The song features Bad Angel, which comprises three of Sagitarr's friends, namely Magic Flute, Hot Brain and Lord Frass.

"They brought a lot of vibes, lyrics and flow to the song. It's a team effort and everyone played their part," Sagitarr said.

Describing himself as a lyrical artiste with no limits to genre and style, Sagitarr says his aim is to create good songs that the public will be appreciative of.

Born Lascelles Beckford in Palmers Cross, he began his musical journey at 10 years old. He has done work with producers, including Chase Mills Records, Lance Thomas, Bobby Digital and Daseca. He is currently signed to Raw Cash Productions.

Big Bye Bye and Got it Suh are some of his other releases.

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