Sativa dislikes 'ungrateful' women


November 11, 2016
Sativa D Black 1

Singer Sativa D Black 1 is taking aim at the power politics of personal relationships with Ungrateful.

The song criticises philandering women who abandon their spouses for men with deeper pockets.

"Is a real thing that happens all the time in our society. The Ungrateful song ah deal with loyalty, you know man and woman thing. When a woman gets a better offer and abandons her man because she loves sweets, or material things, and moves on because the basket that her original man create is not enough for her," he said. Sativa said that he gets the inspiration for his songs from real-life experiences.

This song is one of the singles which will lead out his new EP, which will be released through New York-based Charm B Productions. Other songs to look out for include the Charm B single, Grip Me and Walk Her Out, a song which deals with domestic violence, and Never Waan Mi Reach This Far for Full Chaarge Records.

The Linstead, St Catherine, native, whose real name is Shaun Smith, began music as a disc jockey on local sound system Up Setters, using the name Tommy Skunk but later changed to Tommy Ice.

He entered the popular Magnum King of the Dancehall competition in 2012. Then his career took off when he found his current name. Sativa is aiming to shake up the reggae world.

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