Strictly 2K to highlight music from the 2000s

November 12, 2016
ZJ Chrome

Retro parties are arguably some of the longest running series of events in Jamaica, with brands like Yesterday, Mello Vibes and Footloose still enjoying successful runs on the scene.

Perhaps it is the timeless nature of the music being belted through the speakers that have helped these events earn an enviable following amongst partygoers.

ZJ Chrome and JEM Entertainment, promoters of Strictly Addi and SOSA, aim to add to the series of retro events by introducing a new era, best of the 2000s.

"Many will remember a time when rocking a bandanna wasn't such a fashion faux pas, when there was no iPod, so we had to move around with a walkman or CD player, when dancehall was so much fun that everybody danced at parties," disc jock and record producer ZJ Chrome said

"This was one of the golden eras of dancehall, and I believe we have formed the best partnership to introduce this event."

With so much great music made in that time period, the promoters will ease that nostalgia with Strictly 2k: Best of the 2000s. Slated for December 23 at the Y2k Dome, Strictly 2K is sure to be one of the highlights during the Christmas season.

Like the name suggests, the event promises to be all about music of the 2000s, and the promoters are keen on keeping that promise.

JEM director, IB Konteh, said that it is important to celebrate music of every era, including the 2000s.

"We felt it was necessary to make an ode to the era that we came of age, so to speak. That era where kids raced home to watch TRL and 106 & Park or Big Tigga in the basement. When Sean Paul had the billboard charts blazing, when Shaggy hit Diamond or when Elephant Man taught the world dancehall moves," Konteh said.

"For many born in the 80s and 90s, the new millennium was a turning point," he added. "The music, the fashion, the lifestyle will be relived on December 23."

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