Aktion wants to spread positive messages

November 14, 2016

Recording artiste Aktion is confident that the positive and uplifting messages in his music will help in his bid to tap into the global music arena. The singer is currently promoting Nuh Money Nah Run, a song he produced.

"Well, to be honest, it's a personal experience that happened to me over the years of working for people. It also happened to a friend of mine. It's been a cry for help for the people who have been working hard for less than minimum wage, so that's how the song came about," Aktion explained.

The St Ann-based artiste, who frequents the Christiana area of Manchester, says his music will stand the test of time.

"Aktion is a well-grounded, focused, and versatile artiste, bringing positive music to fill the needs of the people around the world. Music that can last for a long time and be consumed by even the young and the old," said Aktion, whose real name is Adrian Smith.

Listing Ninja Man, Bounty Killer, Agent Sasco, and the late deejay Baby Wayne among his musical influences, Aktion said he has always been interested in music although he has only been in the industry for a year.

"Making music was always my dream even though I have been through some ups and downs getting to where I want to be musically. Getting my love for music out there has been a tough journey which has led me to many crossroads," he said.

Aktion said his long-term goals and objectives include travelling the world, and spreading the positive messages in his music.

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