Shango wants to inspire with 'Bad Boy Thinking'

November 14, 2016

Reggae-dancehall artiste Shango is hoping his new record, Bad Boy Thinking, will open the eyes of young people and encourage them to stay away from crime.

The single, which was produced by MVP Records, is written to give listeners an introspective look into the minds of so-called bad boys. The song also denounces crime and violence, and promotes peace among human beings.

"Wi nuh inna dem gun thing. Nuff a dem a flex like dem nuh got nuh knowledge and mi bun out the killings. Wi nuh inna dem badness ... Nuff a run to the bad boy college and a move like dem stupid, but wi nuh inna dem bad boy thinking," he sings over an uptempo dancehall instrumental.

Shango, who was inspired by iconic reggae-dancehall artiste Capleton, told THE STAR that he hopes his music will in turn inspire youths, especially those living in the inner city.

"I see my music as an influence to many young people around me. I also want to open the eyes of the future children who will grow up in a rough world. I want to show them crime and violence isn't the way to go. And on top of that they should seek God," he said.

The artiste is, therefore, banking on the support of Jamaican fans to take his art to the next level.

"I am the voice of the future and I am putting together some music that will uplift and open the minds of many," he said, adding that a music video for the song is also in the works.

The artiste is also working on new projects that should be released by early next year.

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