Prince Levy tackles gun violence in 'Save Yourself'


November 15, 2016
Prince Levy

Reggae artiste Prince Levy is ecstatic about the reaction to his reggae single, Save Yourself, which speaks about the gun violence that has been affecting people worldwide.

"The violence is everywhere. When you turn on CNN or FOX News, you see a lot of lives destroyed by violence. There are too many places where people die for almost no reason daily. We must make change happen, especially in Jamaica, where a crime wave pushed by the easy availability of guns seems to be gripping the island. People are afraid," Prince Levy said.

The single has been gaining traction in Jamaica, racking up spins on Irie, SunCity Radio, Hitz and Roots FM.

Meanwhile, Levy is gearing up for the release of the video for the dancehall single, All Night Long, which is co-produced by Prince Levy Music and Jay Edge. The single is now bubbling on the FIWI Choice top 10 singles chart that airs on TVJ.

Last month, he released a single called Sweet Selection, a collaboration with Banton, a well-known dancehall disc jock in Costa Rica.

"The Sweet Selection is doing well in Spanish-speaking markets in Central and South America, like Panama, Colombia and Costa Rica," he said.

The singjay is fine-tuning a number of tracks for the release of his new album, Musical Messiah, which will be released in January.

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