Guinness Sounds of Greatness enters round four

November 16, 2016
Ricky Trooper
Richie Feelings
Tall Boss

The fourth and final qualifying round of the Guinness Sounds of Greatness sound clash takes place this Friday at the Red Stripe Oval, and according to the judges, the event is expected to be as climactic as a closing round should be.

"So far, last clash was one of the most serious. That one was really intense," said Ricky Trooper, one of the judging trio. According to Trooper, the Guinness Sounds of Greatness Clash offers a level playing field.

"The format of the clash, it gives the younger sounds a chance to show them skill and show them worth, because the dubplate thing is so expensive," said Trooper. "They have the opportunity to play, without dubs." However, in the final round each contestant is required to drop at least seven dubplates. Another judge, Richie Feelings, confessed that he believes this clash will be better than the last.

"You have to come with your versatility. It's about who command the crowd the best. You have to perform to get the crowd on your side. You have to come with yuh 'A' game and yuh 'Z' game, too. You haffi bring di whola it." The guest judge of the competition series, Tall Boss, told THE STAR that the clash is living up to its high expectations.

"It's been a new crop of selectors. They are coming from the underground. They are not the mainstream selectors," he said. "I do applaud Guinness for bringing some new talent to the forefront. It has grown week after week." Tall Boss said the past competitors have exhibited signs of influence from veteran sound systems and selectors.

"It has brought out the best in them. A lot of them idolise some of the most seasoned selectors. Fire Links, Tony Matterhorn, Ricky Trooper, you can see somebody in every one of them. This Friday is going to be one of the most anticipated clashes of the series."

The winner of each clash receives $100,000 cash prize. The overall winner of Guinness Sounds of Greatness will win $1 million cumulatively. So far, the finalists in the competition are Fire Shane, Shadrock and No Limit. This Friday, Nico Supreme, Della Soul Sound, Heavy Weight Sound and Alaska Sound will face off for a spot in the finals. The winner from previous rounds will battle each other on December 2, also at the Red Stripe Oval.

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