Theatre luminaries form new company

November 16, 2016
@Normal:David Tulloch

Playwright David Tulloch has joined forces with theatre producer Orlando 'Eddie' Sinclair to form a new company called Jamstage Productions.

Tulloch has written 42 plays and directed 50. Sinclair has produced plays such as Not My Child, starring Leonie Forbes, as well as Bangarang, Bashment Granny 3, Clash and Prophet. He is also the son of legendary producer Radjuel 'Blackbeard' Sinclair and has worked with Sly and Robbie on projects such as the Mission Impossible rhythm, and with artistes such as Ambelique and Chevelle Franklin.

"David is an incredible writer and a great director and I have a passion for entertainment, so it was only natural that we team up to produce plays," Sinclair said. The first project of the fledgling production house will be called Bad Breed, featuring established actors Maxwell 'Bashy' Grant, Terri Salmon and Michael 'Stringbean' Nicholson, as well as new sensation Daniella 'Ceeta' Gordon and Akeem Poyser.

"Bad Breed will tackle issues such as father-son relationships, marriages, and there is even a love triangle that involves a pastor. It is a very dynamic cast, with the long-awaited return of Maxwell 'Bashy' Grant. It will be his first time working with me, so I am looking forward to that," Tulloch said. Sinclair described it as "a comedy-drama with a great storyline and good dramatic turns and elements".

Bad Breed opens at the Phoenix Theatre in St Andrew on December 16.

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