Craigy T, Tarrus Riley team up for 'One More Song'

November 18, 2016
Craigy T (left) and Tarrus Riley.

Now a solo artiste, songwriter and producer, Craigy T, formerly of the mega group T.O.K, has just ensured his viability as an international reggae act via a brand new collaboration with Tarrus Riley called 'One More Song'.

The eclectic reggae ballad, written by both artistes, combines both a high-energy party vibe with slow grooves on a throwback-infused reggae rhythm.

The decision to work on One More Song was never the usual planned idea, but rather something that evolved out of a studio jam with the two artistes, who are also friends.

"Me, Tarrus and my artiste, Kenny Smith, were in the studio one day vibing some of my tracks, and the song just came out of that creative energy. It was completely organic. Then we recorded the song at Chimney Records studios with Jordan. So, imagine three musically mad people in one place," Craigy T said.

Already, Tarrus and Craigy T have hit the ground running with the single's promotion. They recently did a photo shoot for the song's artwork as they intend to distribute the single internationally.

"Plans are big for this song. We recognise that it has the potential to be a worldwide hit, so a video is definitely forthcoming. It's also the first single from my upcoming album," Craigy T added

One More Song should be officially released digitally on Craigy T's GafJam Record label in a matter of weeks. Other projects are also in the works for the label, including Kenny Smith's EP with producer German, as well as Craigy T's debut album.

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