Flexx under more attack ...deejay Jay-5 Flow accuses singjay of backbiting Kartel

November 18, 2016
Double X
Jay-5 Flow
Vybz Kartel

Dancehall artiste Jay-5 Flow has launched a scathing criticism of former T.O.K member Flexx, also known as Double X, who he accused of backbiting Vybz Kartel by saying that incarcerated deejay is getting too much airplay while other artistes are being neglected. 

"Why would an artiste say that about a next artiste? We don't know if Kartel is actually recording in prison. Why try to limit a next man's earning power, especially as an artiste against another artiste? Double X should not have commented, him sound like him bad mind," Jay 5 Flow said. 

Flexx has come under fire from fans and associates of Vybz Kartel for stating that the incarcerated deejay should not be allowed to record songs behind bars. During an interview on Anthony Miller's Entertainment Report, Flexx had complained that it was unfair that Vybz Kartel still receives so much airplay when other hardworking recording artistes have struggled to get their music aired on local radio and even in the dancehall.

In the meantime, Jay-5 Flow is aggressively promoting his new single and video, 'One Chance' which has racked up thousands of views and impressions online. The song jumped to number seven on the FIWI Choice top ten chart which airs on TVJ on Saturdays, and it is also number six on the Blacker Top 20 countdown chats on FLOW TV.

"The video is getting play in markets in Europe, Central and South America, and the single is available online through VPAL. I love the feedback so far, especially in the Spanish-speaking countries like Panama, Belize and Venezuela," he said. 

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