Jae Prynse upbeat about career

November 18, 2016
Jae Prynse

Up-and-coming entertainer Jae Prynse (Prince) is quite upbeat about the pace with which his career has been moving. With a few weeks to go until the end of the year, he says the year has been "fantastic".

The young singjay, who is signed to United Kingdom-based Live MB Music, says he has accomplished much in terms of getting his music to the people, both through live performances and his recordings, which received much love from radio and in the dancehall.

Among his best-known single is Try Harder, which he said is becoming a staple on radio in places such as the UK, the US, Switzerland, and Germany. The video was released last month.

In a recent interview, Jae Prynse explained that just as he did with Concrete Jungle, he again used his personal struggles to write the lyrics for Try Harder, and he feels that the motivational force of the song has enabled it to solidly connect with critics and fans alike.

Along with his team, Jae Prynse has been promoting the song heavily since its release in August. That release was followed by his mixtape, which was dropped on September 28.

In terms of live performances, Jay Prynse toured the United Kingdom in June alongside reggae superstar Luciano and Jah Bouks.

"We performed in places such as London, Birmingham, and Ipswich, and it was awesome! Actually, I went last year and based on how well I did, they called me back to tour again this year. I give thanks for this opportunity and look forward to making more journeys such as this in 2017," Jae Prynse said.

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