Stars celebrate with the STAR

November 24, 2016
Lady G
Macka Diamond
Corey Todd

Lady G, entertainer: The STAR has done a lot for my career in terms of highlighting whatever it is that I'm doing at all times, whether it's a single or the review of a show that I just did.

THE STAR is sometimes very controversial and as such very influential. Sometimes when you look at even the headline, it makes you just want to buy a STAR and read.

It has been very informative and it has helped to launch the careers of countless entertainers. Each journalist is different, but THE STAR has some great journalists that work for them.

They know how to put things into a perspective that's very interesting, and makes you want to get involved in whatever they are writing about.

The STAR has changed over the years, but the changes have been for the better. The paper is moving with the times and is even online now so people are always tuned in to what's happening. Big up THE STAR and just continue doing what you're doing.

Corey Todd, artiste manager: THE STAR is the true people's paper. It has done a tremendous amount of good for artiste's careers and some bad (laughs out loud) but the people love the paper.

Before there was Facebook and Instagram where artistes could reach people directly, people depended on THE STAR and the masses still do today. Congrats on the 65 years and I wish you many more.

Macka Diamond, entertainer: THE STAR has mixed me, blend me, but we love THE STAR (laughs out loud). We love THE STAR, any publicity a publicity.

When you reach inna di STAR is a big deal, you feel good. I remember the first time mi come inna di STAR, mi walk up and down with it, mi cherish it and put it inna mi scrapbook.

From Dun Already to Lexus and Benz and Bun Him to the more recent ones, THE STAR has helped me to put a lot of my music out there.

I don't think dancehall music would be the same without THE STAR because it has helped a lot of entertainers to get their big break. THE STAR keeps up because there are a lot of papers that come and go and THE STAR has kept their thing.

People still want to be in THE STAR even if they don't get the front page. The STAR has been a STAR for the years. I don't know if it's the name but just keep doing the good work.

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