Ganggoolie injures ribs during 'daggering' stunt

November 30, 2016
Contributed Ganggoolie

Dancehall artiste Ganggoolie is recuperating after a nasty fall while performing at a show in Canada. In a video that has been making the rounds on social media, Ganggoolie is seen deejaying 'Muscle Wine', while standing on top of a chair at the Ring nightclub in Brantford, Canada.

Ganggoolie is seen preparing to do a 'skydive' manoeuvre, hurling himself from an elevated position at a Caucasian girl lying on the floor. On the count of three, he attempted to dive on top of the female, but, at the last possible moment, she rolled away, leaving Ganggoolie to fall flat on his chest and face.

The crowd broke out in wild paroxysm of laughter, and Ganggoolie crawled off the stage in what appeared to be a mixture of pain and embarrassment.

"Mi alright, ah just mi ribs ah kill me. The doctors dem say the majority of the damage is between the third and fourth rib, but in a few weeks, I should be good again," Ganggoolie said.

"Even though the video never show it, mi finish mi performance. After that, mi a hear all kinda rumour say me hospitalised and almost dead and a bagga things, but mi OK. Ah just mi pride kinda damaged, mi spread out like an airplane and lick up mi belly," the entertainer added.

He said fans were upset with the white girl.

"Is not her fault, ah just fun we ah have. Mi meet her afterwards, her name is Sharon, ah so our thing go. I would do it again, ah just entertainment, no boring performance. Big up the promoter Eddie Wisdom," Ganggoolie said.

Last year, Ganggoolie made national waves with the mega hit, Muscle Wine, followed by the hilariously inventive Donkey Kick, which also spawned a dance of the same name.

Ganggoolie, once known as Hitlist, aka The Sheriff, scored a big hit with Please Stop The Killing in 2005, and was a protege of deejay Bounty Killer.

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