Artistes team up to bring happiness to Spanish Town

December 02, 2016
Quali Tee

Despite high crime levels in Spanish Town, St Catherine, up-and-coming entertainers from Frazer's Content have teamed up to uplift the area.

Great Amazement Multimedia Entertainment joined forces with Smashing Records to produce a 13-track project called Happy Groove rhythm, which features Gavo Dem, Mark Ras, Amaziyah The Great, Quali Tee, Pink Boss, Kasanova, Don Frisco, Nykka, Veteran, and Enestee. It is being distributed by Zojak Worldwide and is available on iTunes.

One of the most vibrant and electrifying tracks on the rhythm is Happy Mood, a collaboration with Amaziyah The Great, his kids - Ny Ashia and Ajani, and his sister Quali Tee.

"I spoke to Craig (aka Amaziyah The Great) the other day over the phone, and was more than excited hearing our song in the background playing on a radio station in Connecticut called One Love Radio," Quali Tee, whose real name is Trudean Kirkland, said.

"We are loving the feedback and we appreciate all fans. My brother and I decided to do something different in dancehall that many artiste not really doing, and that was to make family music - positive, happy vibe so people feel a different mood. Too much negative and slack music have been promoted, but dancehall and reggae are more than that."

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