Ova Dose is a 'hard man fi dead'


December 02, 2016

United Kingdom (UK)-based dancehall artiste Ova Dose say he has high expectations for his latest single, 'Hard Man Fi Dead'.

The single was produced by the artiste's record label Myself Production.

Hard Man Fi Dead has been gaining traction in Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean; Brooklyn, New York; and the UK.

The track will officially be released this week and will be available on iTunes, Amazon, and Google play store for purchases.

"The song has been well received. The name of the song was given to me by my dad, after I went back to Jamaica in February of this year to host my own funeral and dead yard," he explained.

"People have been anticipating the song and since it was released, I have been getting a lot of good reviews. I am happy people accept my hard work," Ova Dose added.

The artiste, whose real name is Attacha Young, is a Clarendon native.

He is currently busy in the studio working on his mixtape and EP. The mixtape is a mixture of hardcore dancehall, reggae, pop and dub poetry, and is set to be released early next year.

"My kind of music is feel-good music with a conscious vibes, metaphors that play with your mind and lyrics that make you want to hear more," said Ova Dose.

"I just want to entertain the fans and leave them wanting for more."

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