Artistes to showcase talent at Upness

December 03, 2016
Desiree Dawson

Desiree Dawson, the 2016 CBC Television Searchlight Talent Contest winner, and rising dub poet/singer Racquel Jones will be on show at Upness: Nothing Else Matters, which will take place at 20 Burlington Avenue in St Andrew on Tuesday.

The event, which is part of RJR's Kingston Music Week, will also feature a preview of local hip-hop collective The Council's album Nothing Else Matters.

Co-host Joan Webley said this year's instalment is about a coming together of the community for a greater good. Part of the proceeds go to the Alpha Boys' School Music Business Programme.

"The energy behind Upness is in recognising good people coming together for a good time for a good cause," she said. "Despite what pressures are there, if you come together with good intentions, then nothing else matters."

Webley said, is being held for the second time, but it is the fourth or fifth time that they will be collaborating with Kingston Music Week.

"This year it's a collaboration with Pay Attention and WakeUpStar different members of our community, local hip-hop as well as reaching out to the diaspora. WakeUpStar is actually out of Miami, and what is interesting is we were drawing in from Canada."

In addition to performances from Desiree Dawson and Racquel Jones, several young visual artists will also have their work on display at the event.

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