Maxwell 'Bashy' Grant returns

December 06, 2016
@Normal:Maxwell Grant as Bashy.
Juliet Shank, who plays the character Dell in More Passa Passa, gives Frank (Maxwell Grant) a stern warning.

After a two year hiatus, theatre actor Maxwell 'Bashy' Grant, who played the popular 'Maama Man' character, has returned to Jamaica to be part of a new play 'Bad Breed'.

Jamstage Productions will be opening Bad Breed at the Phoenix Theatre on Haining Road, on December 16.

Grant plays one of the main characters, Pastor Dr Joe Magnus, a smooth-talking huckster, who has many dalliances with female members of his congregation.

"We are already booked out for the first weekend, and the show will be playing everyday, between December 23 and January 3," he said.

"The management of Jamstage is more disciplined and professional, they know what they are doing. I return with no ill-will to none, I respect everyone in theatre, we are in the same craft," he added.

Grant, who played an integral role in the conceptualisation of the Bashment Granny series, believes that theatre is still alive and vibrant in Jamaica.

"Theatre in Jamaica can be nice because you have the market for it. But you must not dilute the content or the dialect. People want that experience," he said.

He noted that at plays in Florida, white Americans come to the shows because they are intrigued by Jamaican language and culture.

Having been in theatre for over 40 years, Grant noted the changes in the industry.

"We live in a changing world and I believe that the popularity of social media can enhance theatre, as long as it is not overdone, and people try to teach the youth good values," he said.

Grant said he loves working with the young actors and sharing his knowledge and experience.

He had been employed as a member of Theatre World International, where he did productions like Granny Meets Delilah and Bad Livin.

"It was really great working over there, a different atmosphere where people were more appreciative of your talents, but my fans and colleagues in Jamaica asked me to return, and I was intrigued about what Jamstage has to offer," said 67-year-old Grant.

With a career that spans decades, with plays like Passa Passa, Man Fi Get Bun, and Serious Business, Grant says he does not have any plans to end his acting career soon.

"No retirement. I will go until the end. When I tell producers that I want to retire, dem ask if mi mad. Look out for 2017, I know it will be a good year," he said.

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