Singdi burns out 'Bad Mind' with new video

December 09, 2016

The streets are talking about the emergence of Singdi, a 6'1" bombshell about to flip dancehall on its head.

She has been raising eyebrows with her spunky fashion sense, ambulance-red hair and sweet vocals that have forced radio to sit up and pay attention.

She has two singles, the EDM-influenced Roll, and the dancehall-flavoured Bad Mind, which has been getting decent rotation in recent weeks.

Both songs were produced by her in-house producer, CK of Red Voice Productions.

"The feedback has been great so far, my phone blows up when the song plays on radio, and my fans have been retweeting on Twitter. I am so excited right now," said the artiste whose real name is Loraine Hyde.

She will be releasing a video for Bad Mind soon, while the video for Roll has already racked up an impressive 60,000-plus views on YouTube.

She has high hopes for Bad Mind, a semi-autobiographical song that addresses the challenges she faces as she seeks to establish herself in music.

"This song is very important to me because I have faced so many challenges growing up, and I want to inspire others to persevere and pursue their dreams, despite the obstacles," she said.

Singdi grew up in the Bog Walk area, where she attended Bog Walk High School.

She performs a combination of genres she dubs 'rock-pop-dancehall' and is seeking to define that sound with crisp production values.

Her down-to-earth lifestyle has won her legions of young fans.

"I want to create a new sound, to blend rock/pop/dancehall together, creating a new sound, a new genre, a new movement. My work ethic is like no other as I will do the work endlessly to achieve my goals " she said.

She wants her music to cross over to mainstream globally.

She also wants, through music, to develop a non-profit organisation.

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