Smokie Benz, Anthony Seasoning impress with 'Marijuana'

December 09, 2016
Smokie Benz (left) and Anthony Seasoning.

Reggae artiste Smokie Benz has teamed up with fellow reggae artiste Anthony Seasoning for a new single called 'Marijuana'.

"Everybody ah play it ... is a good look. Mi link up with Anthony Seasoning, and hold a vibe at a studio in Suriname. The song ah get a whole heap a response so mi just a push it and see where it goes," Smokie Benz said.

He will be shooting a video for the single in January 2017.

Smokie Benz is no stranger to success as he scored a hit with Try Jah Love alongside reggae artiste Josie Mel.

The song was also nominated for an Excellence in Music and Entertainment award in 2009.

"Me and Smokie Benz have a great chemistry. We ah the new sensation because of how we sound on the record, we nah come with no normal thing. Jah mek the thing ah work, ah just the powers of the Most High," Anthony Seasoning said.


Became friends


Born Cecil Maize, Anthony Seasoning grew up in the Red Hills Road area before moving to rural Jamaica where he attended Rusea's High.

After graduating, he began to visit studios where he became friends with Jaggy B and Terry Ganzie.

He soon migrated to Trinidad and Tobago where he landed a nine-to-five job.

Three years ago, he moved to Suriname where he rekindled his interest in music, while holding down a regular job in a gold mine.

"I tried but the music there was mostly in Dutch. Then one morning, I spotted Smokie Benz and Fantan Mojah, who I had known during my Kilimanjaro days. Fantan told a Suriname disc jockey that I was a great singer. After that, mi confidence go up and mi start hold back a musical vibes," he said.

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