TPDCo to host Christmas village

December 10, 2016
Wicker baskets and, hats, fans and bags made of straw, made in Jamaica by Jamaican artisans.

The grounds of the Ministry of Tourism will be transformed into a mini artisan village to stage 'Christmas Village on the Breezeway' on Friday, December 16 at Knutsford Boulevard in New Kingston.

The extravaganza, which is being hosted by the Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo), will showcase and present for sale handicrafts and other authentic Jamaican products made by 26 local artisans.

Craft specialist at TPDCo, Violet Crutchley, said the event will feature all things Jamaican with unique gift items, food, and entertainment by mento bands and youth groups performing folk songs.

"It is a microcosm of a typical Jamaican village life and setting, and we are targeting visitors to our island, corporate directors, executives, the man on the street, (and) persons who are looking for authentic Jamaican gift items," Crutchley said.

She added that all are welcome as they try to create an environment of Jamaican culture while celebrating the Christmas vibe.

Crutchley said the event has been themed 'Port Royal', as there is a rich history relating to this heritage site with a lot of artefacts that people find interesting.

"People are fascinated with the whole Port Royal saga, and it has impacted our history," she said.

She noted that the event is part of continued efforts by TPDCo to grow the craft industry and provide opportunities for artisans to be involved in craft-enhancement and business-development training programmes.

She said the aim is to create about five artisan villages islandwide.

"So this mini artisan village will create an opportunity for us to try some of the strategies and see what can work," Crutchley said.

The event goes from noon to 8 p.m.

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