Radijah gets early buzz with 'Money'


December 14, 2016

Rags to Riches recording artiste Radijah has teamed up with producer Notnice to release a new single called 'Money'.

The single, which was done for the Rags to Riches label, has been added to numerous street mixtapes, and has been added to the rotation lists of several major radio stations.

"If yuh nah pree money fi 2017, you nah go like this song. Well bad! Big producer Notnice, Rags to Riches mi say. The whole streets say this Money song a go be the hottest ting by 2017," Radijah said.

"The song a get nuff play right now in radio land. DJ Firewayne and Calico from SunCity Radio and Tropical from HITZ a deal with it wicked. Plus, in the streets, Ricky Trooper, Boom Boom and CD Fantasy a kick it off wicked in the street dances dem," Radijah added.

Given the early buzz on the single, he also plans to shoot a music video next month to amp up its promotion.

"This a just the tip of the iceberg. Mi have nuff more songs fi unleash. The year 2017 a my year," said the artiste, whose real name is Ryan Henry.

Radijah scored a radio hit last year with Thot Wine, and the music video for the single became a fixture on the FIWI Choice Top 10 charts, which airs on TVJ.

He is also known for the 2013 single Kotch Pon Di Edge, a collaboration with QQ, which created a buzz both locally and internationally. But it was the breakout single Walk Like a Dawg, accompanied by a controversial dance move, which propelled him to instant fame and got him gigs all over the Caribbean.

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