'I am happy in Christ' - Marion Hall celebrates one year in Christianity

December 15, 2016
Marion Hall

One year after she gave her life to the Lord, Marion Hall, formerly Lady Saw, is declaring that she is now celebrating victory over the enemy.

Hall, who reigned as the queen of the dancehall for approximately two decades, said she is happy in Christ.

"I am happy to tell you that I am happy in Christ. I am happy to tell you that it is the best thing ever. It wasn't my doing. It was His doing, and it is the best thing He has ever done for me," Hall said. 

According to Hall, who spoke about her one-year anniversary in a social media post, said she has now found a level of peace that she never knew existed.

"It is a joy. This peace and comfort within that I can't explain," she said.

With her eyes set on becoming a minister, Hall said she intends to undertake studies in theology and leadership.

For now, however, she is focus on doing the GED, which is a high school-level test administered in the United States. Graduates prove their academic skills and knowledge in the basic subject areas of reading, writing, math, science, and social studies.

Hall, 47, got baptised right after attending J Capri’s funeral service last December.

J Capri, a dancehall artiste, passed away at the University Hospital of the West Indies following a motor vehicle accident 12 days earlier.

"I pray that she is in the bosom of Abraham right now," Hall said, as she recalled that her baptism took place the same day the young artiste was buried.

"I just pray that God has her under his covenant," she said while praying for J Capri's family to be strengthened.

Hall, in reflecting on her journey as a Christian, said she is happy that God pulled her out of dungeon that she was about to fall into.

"I am happy that that day you spoke to me," said Hall, who is best know for her sometimes raunchy dancehall songs.

However, Hall is now singing a new song, the latest of which she said came to her recently.  

In the song, she says, "Satan yuh house tear down, it dear down/ Satan yuh house tear down, it tear dung/ Satan yuh house pop dung/ It tear down to the grung."




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