Capleton hits number one with new single


December 16, 2016

Rastafarian firebrand Capleton has scored yet another number one in his illustrious hit-making career as his latest single has hit the top position of the FIWI Choice Top Ten charts.

"It is a good achievement, this is the second chart that we have achieved the number one, and we are proud that Capleton's single, All Eyes on You continues to do well as it helps to establish the label," said Leroy 'A Lion' Sampson, younger brother of executive producer Don Richie, and also an executive of Don Richie Records. "But we said there was still much work ahead."

In September, All Eyes on You hit the pole position on the Empress Tashai top ten chart in the US on a chart show broadcast on One Love Radio 106.5 FM.

Capleton's single leads out the speaker-thumping Nectar rhythm, which also features heavyweights like Sizzla, and new acts like Black Suede, Devyus, Dizee Carta, Paparazzi and others.

The rhythm was released by Don Richie Records in April, and distribution was handled by Zojak Worldwide. The songs can also be purchased on iTunes, Amazon and other online retail outlets.

The label will also soon be releasing a medley video for all the songs.

The company, which has its roots in the Kingston 11 area, will soon turn its attention towards its next rhythm project, the Real Life Story, which attempts to narrate authentic real-life experiences that can inspire youth.

Dancehall star Vershon leads out this project with the single, You Can and there are contributions from Sizzla, Singa J, Deep Jahi, and Dizee Carta.

Real Life Story will be released in the first quarter of 2017.

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