Prado on money mission

December 16, 2016
Dancehall artiste Prado, formerly Desperado.

With the Christmas season just around the corner, dancehall artiste Prado, formerly Desperado, is focusing on gaining wealth and increasing his earnings for the season and beyond.

This direction is quite evident through his newest singles, Money Bag, and Rotten Rich, and the medley video project for both singles that was released earlier this month.

Both tracks, produced by Prado's own KRC Music label and Blaqk Sheep of Apartment 19 Music, respectively, share the same vein in concept - the desire to earn money by working hard and staying away from negativity.

According to Prado, the singles are performing very well in the streets, with several selectors showing love and endorsing the projects. Money Bag has also entered the Richie B Top 25 Dancehall Chart and is gaining traction.

The visuals in the medley video released earlier this month also capture the concept of these singles perfectly. Directed by Prado and video guru Krusha, the video shows the difference between those focusing on war and those focusing on earning money.

"People should enjoy this video because of the positive spins and comedy added to it. We wanted it to be intense, but, at the same time, fun to watch. So, there are elements of comedy with actor Christopher 'Johnny' Daley and an intense Mannequin challenge as well," Prado explained.

Prado's money mission extends further than the singles and video, as he has released a full Money Bag mixtape with popular CD compiler DJ Kenny.

"I knew I needed to have something to spread in the street that was 100 per cent Prado. The Money Bag mixtape shows my versatility and range as an artiste with actual released material, new singles and freestyle recordings," Prado said.

Prado also has new tracks that he is sure will resonate well in 2017, including We Jus Bad and Talk. He is also expected to shoot the music video for his My Mama collaboration recorded earlier this year with Sizzla Kalonji.

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