Eat local to avoid plastic rice - Ninja Man

December 17, 2016
Ninja Man

Following the recent plastic rice health scare, iconic dancehall artiste Ninja Man is calling on the Jamaican Government to seriously promote The Eat What You Grow campaign.

“Go back to farming. The youths want work. See now dem a give wi plastic rice and cabbage. The youths want something to do and look how much waste land deh a Jamaica. We have the best land and soil that don’t even need fertiliser so why aren't we farming?” Ninja Man questioned.

His comments followed reports that plastic rice has been discovered in Jamaica. 

Jamaica Customs temporarily imposed a ban on the clearing of rice imports this week and the Bureau of Standards said it had engaged in a major operation to test rice islandwide. There has so far been no evidence of plastic rice being in the island but so Jamaicans appear convinced that a main staple in their daily meals has been contaminated.

Norman Grant, president of the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS), said Ninja Man's comments represents an endorsement of the Eat What You Grow campaign and underscores a recognition that eating locally produced is the best option.

"The JAS and the country's 250,000 farmers are ecstatic at the endorsement from Ninja Man," Grant said.

He said that Jamaicans should consider replacing importing rice in their diet with starches like yam, cassava, banana and potatoes.

"I am glad that Ninja Man is on. We want ninja Man to get vocal and eat local. We want all the superstars to get vocal and eat local. I want to call on people like Usain Bolt,  Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce, Chris Gayle, Marlon Samuels.... to get vocal and eat local," Grant said.

"I want the entertainment industry to talk about it, I want them to sing about it. I want them to salute the great work of the 250,000 farmers," he added.

"I want to hear Carlene Davis, Papa San, Ninja Man, Bounty Killer, Beenie Man talk about it," Grant said of the grow what you eat campaign.



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