Ovarall feeding on 'plastic rice'


December 20, 2016
FILE Ovarall

Dancehall artiste Ovarall is excited about the response he's getting with his new single Plastic Rice.

The song which examines the ongoing plastic rice controversy was produced by Ovarall and released last week on his O.M.P. (Ovarall Music Production) label.

"The plastic rice saga is a hot topic, and so I just decide to work wid it and do a tune bout it. Since I drop the song it's been getting a lot of support; people are sharing it on social media like crazy right now," said the artiste.

The St Elizabeth deejay who placed second in the 2014 Jamaica Cultural Development Commission's Big Stage competition, is confident that the song will give him a break in the music business.

"Since it come out mi phone nuh stop ring, people a call me from all ova. Everybody a say Ovarall yuh buss ya now," he said.

Ovarall is currently working on several new projects including a documentary about his journey in the music industry.

"The documentary is about my life and my career; the journey has been a long and hard. I want to show the people out there how hard yuh have to work to make it in the music biz. I'm also recording a lot of new songs for 2017," Ovarall said.

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