Prince Levy tackles domestic violence with 'Save Yourself'


December 21, 2016
Prince Levy

Reggae artiste Prince Levy is upset about the rash of violent incidents that have claimed the lives of more than 10 women in the past two weeks, with most of the deaths being attributed to domestic violence.

"People have to save themselves. Jamaica is the image of every living soul on the island and right now, it's ugly ... they kill our nation's root, our women and children," he said.

Levy said the country needed a revolution, and the change had to start with "you and me".

"Using violence cannot be the first option to solve a dispute. Right now, is not a Rasta or Christian thing, ah just change we need. And you alone can save yourself," he said.

Levy's reggae single, Save Yourself, speaks to the pandemic of domestic and gun violence affecting the US, the Caribbean and the world.

The single has been fast gaining traction in Jamaica, racking up spins on various radio stations.

"The gangsters dem have replaced sorrel for blood ... we nuh need that, especially for the holidays," he said.

Levy has carved out a reputation stateside for his ability to create an eclectic fusion of dancehall, reggae and R&B.

The artiste's clear sound is evident on breakout tracks such as the chart-riding All Night Long and R&B-flavoured Real Good.

The talented singjay is gearing up for the release of the video for All Night Long, which is co-produced by Prince Levy Music and Jay Edge.

The single is in the top 10 of the FIWI Choice top 10 singles chart that airs on TVJ.

The singjay is fine-tuning a number of tracks for the release of his new album, Musical Messiah, which will be released in January 2017.

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