'Bad Breed' promises laughter for the season


December 23, 2016
Contributed Daniella 'Ceeta' Gordon and Akeem Poyser in a scene from 'Bad Breed'
@Normal:Maxwell Grant as Bashy.

New play 'Bad Breed' is a guaranteed laugh-fest for patrons craving good entertainment this Christmas season.

The show opened at the Phoenix Theatre to rave reviews last week as patrons were literally rolling in the aisles during some of the play's humorous moments.

This comedy-drama featured the return of Maxwell 'Bashy' Grant who plays the role of Pastor Dr Joe Magnus, a smooth-talking huckster who has many dalliances with female members of his congregation.

sexually suggestive

Grant has impeccable comedic timing and his exchanges, riddled with double entendres and sexually suggestive phrases, with Terri Salmon are particularly entertaining.

The cast is rounded out by a superb and talented troupe of actors namely Michael 'Stringbean' Nicholson, as well as new sensation Daniella 'Ceeta' Gordon and Akeem Poyser.

The play tackle issues such as father-son relationships, marriages, and there is even a love triangle that involves the good pastor.

The dramatic heavy lifting is handled by newcomer Poyser and he does well invoking the purple and pus of teenage angst of a young man struggling to become a man in a morally-decayed society.

Poyser's scenes with Nicholson, who plays his father are full of bombast and thunder and a lot of physicality as the pair work out their paternal issues.

One of the revelations of the play is the emergence of Gordon who brings an effervescence to the stage that will delight theatre-goers.

Her mannerisms are that of a gangly, sexually lascivious teenager always barging into situations and conversations, and she is simply brilliant at it.

The play is the first of a new company Jamstage Productions.

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