Chin Chin finds new love


December 23, 2016
Contributed Chin Chin and Frass Hill

Almost a year after she had a very public falling-out with her ex-lover Gully Bop, dancehall star Chin Chin appears to have found her new heartbeat.

She has been spotted cosying up to fellow dancehall artiste Frass Hill, while they were on the set of a video shoot in Portmore recently.

She confirmed that the two were dating in an interview earlier this week after she posted the photos.

"So wah the big deal? Mi know him long time, and if me can date a two-teeth bredda, mi can upgrade mi ting. So right now, mi and Frass Hill ah mingle," Chin Chin confirmed.

Chin Chin is known for songs such as Jah Jah Pickney, Why, a remix of Rihanna's Work, and has just released a song called Weh Yu De, featuring Gully Bop, which has racked up 50,000 views in only one week since its release.

Frass Hill, a well-known deejay in the Christian Pen community of Portmore, confirmed the two were dating.

"Like wah Chin Chin say, we a mingle, yeah, mi a tingle, and ah Christmas now, so mi haffi give her the jingle," he laughed. "Is a girl weh mi know long time, but nothing no happen before the time. So we ah go see what happens inna the new year, 2017," he said.

Frass Hill recently inked a recording and booking deal with Sophia B Records and Investment Inc.

He has been getting good exposure after releasing the single Clap It Up, featuring ex-Gaza member Tommy Lee Sparta.

"Mi feel good with the response I have been getting; it's a great look, we ah drop the video in the new year. New woman, new video, the career tun up," he said, laughing.

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