Shello finds family in the secular world

December 23, 2016
Contributed Photo Shello

Up-and-coming gospel artiste Shello, real name Shelmoy Samuels, made his first steps towards the development of his music career 10 years ago.

This year, Shello's attempts seem to be gaining traction. He approached Spurr Empire for PR representation earlier this year, and has since found himself more occupied and reaping rewards of a longtime investment.

The artiste's recent preoccupations are unconventional for the average gospel artiste. So far, Shello has been booked for predominantly secular shows.

"It does not deter me, because I see myself making new families. My lifestyle speaks; people look up to me," he said.

The young gospel artiste told THE WEEKEND STAR that the secular artistes are more curious about his lifestyle, and welcome him with open arms.

"They just ask questions like 'Are you married'?, 'Do you have a wife'?, 'How you manage sexuality'?" he said with a laugh. "It's not a crime for people to ask questions or to laugh and joke."

Though Shello finds himself surrounded by secular artistes and a secular lifestyle, he maintains that the energy among the other artistes has been nothing but familial.

While a student of Ocho Rios High School in 2006, Shello made his first venture into the studio.

"I did my first demo song at the Masterlink Studio in Moneague St Ann. It was called God Good to Me," he said.

Bashful at its simplicity, and reluctant to call it an album, Shello told THE WEEKEND STAR that he called his first collection of original music, Introduction to the Gospel.

As a graduate of the Jamaica Theological Seminary, Shello chose to have the launch of his true first album, called Godly Good, on the campus in April 2014.

"After the album launch, there was a turning, so I said to somebody, 'I just feel like I want to travel,'" he said.

That night, he said God spoke to him, "and is not an easy talking-to I got".

Following this conversation, the decision was to take on music full-time.

"I studied guidance and counselling, but I came to Kingston to do music," Shello said.

Now, Shello is one featured artiste on some dates of the Boom Energy Drink Badda Dan Road Tour.

He said he is the solitary gospel artiste booked.

"This is my second tour for the year," Shello told THE WEEKEND STAR. "The first was RJR Cross Country Road Tour."

His next performance, and the final installment of the tour will take place in Half-Way Tree on Saturday.