Clash again ... Ninja Man, Merciless promise 'lyrical brawl' tonight


December 24, 2016
Ninja Man
Anthony Minott/Freelance Photographer Merciless

Veteran deejays Ninja Man and Merciless will be at it again tonight at 'House of Dancehall Live' as the two will engage in a show dubbed 'Lyrical Brawl'.

The pair will be vying for the House of Dancehall championship belt.

The referee will be Reneto Adams, the popular former crime fighter.

Ninja Man and Merciless had a memorable clash at Sting 2000, where Merciless triumphed, also bettering Bounty Killer and Beenie Man in the process.

They have clashed since, with differing opinions as to the winner of those lyrical battles.

In a Facebook video promoting tonight's clash, Merciless said "House of Dancehall Lyrical Brawl, somebody a go mourn and bawl".

"Yuh see 6 Cargill (the location) dis is di bwoy everybody waan kill and caan kill," he continued.

Merciless said he has been killing Ninja Man lyrically since 2000, even 'chopping off his head' in St Mary at Follow Di Arrow shortly after their Sting showdown.

build a vibes

"Dead boy Ballentine, a wha sweet yuh? Dah said (championship) belt yah, a it a gwine tek an' beat yuh," he challenged.

Ninja Man said he and Merciless were trying to "build a vibes", and expressed nothing but respect for his fellow deejay.

"Merciless a our youth and from day one, me and Merciless a par. Right now Merciless inna one likkle spot deh and we a try wake him up and bring him back so if me even tomb him, people a go call back him name again," Ninja Man said.

The fast-talking Ninja Man said he has lyrically killed Merciless many times before so "wi jus' a go keep a memorial".

When THE STAR pointed out that Merciless had killed him lyrically before, Ninja Man said he was merely wounded.

"Mi jus mek sure mi walk out a di war and fix up miself because him shoot haffa mi and it bounce haffa mi side," he said. "Mi come back di next day and shoot him up."

Regarding the Follow Di Arrow clash, Ninja Man said he killed Merciless that night but the organisers "start ova back di ting like a second round".

"Second round nuh inna deejay ting, a inna boxing dat deh. Mi jus' say alright since unnu seh him win the second round, gwaan wid it. Cause if yuh kill a man an' him get up an' kill yuh back, a duppy dat," he chuckled. "Mi tiyad fi kill him yah now."

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