Green Haze Hookah Bar and Lounge launched

December 24, 2016
Anthony Minott/photographer From left, Green Haze's Joline, Tasha and Brandy takes a photo opt
Anthony Minott/photographer Dancehall artiste, Raine Seville giving support to the event
Anthony Minott/photographer K-Queens sips on a drink
Anthony Minott/photographer From left, Robert Martin, Trudy Thomas and Earl Thomas share lens space
Anthony Minott/photographer This woman gets animated as she puffs smoke from her nostrils

There is a new entertainment hub in New Kingston.

Green Haze, which is a hookah bar and lounge, was officially opened on Holborn Road in New Kingston recently.

The entity provides a relaxing and energetic environment complete with hookah services, food, alcohol, music, and general good vibes.

"Our environment combines elements from Middle Eastern, American, and Jamaican cultures to bring to you an experience like no other," said owner, Petrina Whittingham, aka Brandy.

"We strive to provide our patrons with excellent customer service, quality herbal shisha, delicious food, and top-shelf alcoholic beverages," she added.

Whittingham recalled that she came up with the name during a two-day brain storm.

"I thought of Purple Haze, but then I thought, 'No, I'm a Calabar girl to the bone'. So Green Haze was my final choice," she said.

Here are some highlights from the grand opening.

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