Every day is Christmas says Destiny Q.O.P.

December 28, 2016
FILE Destiny Q.O.P.

Speaking on Christmas, dancehall artiste Destiny Q.O.P (Queen of the Park), formerly called Destiny Sparta, recently told THE STAR that she celebrates the birth of Jesus every day.

"It's a time of year when we should celebrate the birth of Christ and reflect on his life and teaching, but mi do that every day, so it's just another day for me," she said.

"We operate a store, so Christmas Eve is usually very busy. So when it comes to Christmas Day, we don't really have the energy to get up and make that big Christmas dinner; we usually leave that big cooking for the New Year," she said.

The former protEgE of Tommy Lee Sparta also revealed that she would be doing more family-friendly music in 2017 so as to become a household name.

"Usually I do the raunchy songs that do well in dancehall, but they don't get much airplay. So this year, 2017, I plan to change all of that ... . I have the new name Destiny Queen of The Pack, suh mi haffi come show dem who the real Queen of The Pack, is and come run dancehall," she said.

As for the criminals who make the Christmas experience miserable for many Jamaicans Destiny Q.O.P is encouraging them to do some deep self-introspection.

"Reflect on your life and make a positive change. It makes no sense to go out and rob from innocent people, find something constructive to do. Think about positive that you can do with my life to make yourself a better person and a better man. Think about it and make the necessary steps to do that," she said.

She will also be promoting a new record titled Love and Hate in 2017.

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