Artistes need more visas for 2017 — Hitmaker believes more J'can acts should perform overseas

December 30, 2016
ZJ Rush
ZJ Rush
Patrick Planter/ Photographer Hitmaker

Hitmaker believes more J'can acts should perform overseas

With 2017 literally around the corner, one local entertainer says he wants to see more Jamaican acts getting visas in the new year.

When contacted, outspoken record producer and artiste Hitmaker said he wanted dancehall to focus on talent instead of hype, and he wants to see more local acts getting visas to perform overseas.

"I want the music to be about talent instead of hype and I want the quality-control barrier to be set higher so that we can weed out the poor quality. I want us to work on more quality music so we can push that to the forefront. If we accomplish that, we will be able to get more songs like Party Animal from Charly Black and Cheerleader," he said, noting that he also wants to get more airplay.

Hitmaker also hopes more artistes will have their visas reinstated in 2017.

"We want to bring more revenue in dancehall and in Jamaica. Also, we want the artistes to get back dem visa, and who never have none can finally get. We also want unity inna di thing. Jamaica must also start to endorse Brand Jamaica and start playing more dancehall and reggae music than hip-hop," he told THE WEEKEND STAR.


Sound system operator and media personality ZJ Rush also shared his wish for 2017. He said reggae will continue its downward spiral while dancehall will continue to rise.

"I see Jamaican music growing massively this new year, especially dancehall, less so reggae. The international adaptation of dancehall will only serve to help steer the local scene towards the direction of financial growth by serving as an example of what sells," he told THE WEEKEND STAR.

"The music has been on an upward trend for a while now, with almost every song released having a good mix/master and production, and I see it reaping rewards in 2017. The reggae scene has been extra quiet for a while now, and I see that, unfortunately, continuing into the new year. It's also prime time for a new artiste to emerge on the scene, and I believe it will happen in 2017," he said.

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