Ocho Rios gets new dancehall event


December 30, 2016
Gully Bop

King Man Entertainment Centre at Exchange Road in Ocho Rios will close out its 2016 schedule of events with the inaugural staging of Ochi Fest tonight. Among the artistes billed to perform are Gully Bop, Bling Dawg, Tanto Blacks, Zamunda, Macka Diamond, Nitty Kutchie, Wicka Man, Teflon, Jimbolee, John Junior and others.

"It's the first show, and it will be an annual event," King Man told THE WEEKEND STAR.

"Patrons can expect a peaceful atmosphere where they can 'fuljoy' themselves. We always ensure that patrons are safe. It's a fun venue where you can come, sit down and relax and enjoy the seaview."

Along with the established artistes, the promoter has included a line-up of young and up and coming acts as he seeks to give them a chance to build their career.

"Mi a try push out di youth dem. I want to make sure di young artiste dem get a chance to feature. So, we have Instagram and we have Jimbolee and Papa Jack and couple more. We really waa showcase dem," he said.

The venue is relatively new, but has gone a far way in establishing itself with an annual event each March titled March Madness, which this year featured acts such as Capleton, Sizzla, Sanchez, Bugle, Hero and PZed.

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