Dizee Carta is 'hot a road'

January 03, 2017
Contributed Dizee Carta

UK-based dancehall artiste Dizee Carta is now in Jamaica promoting his latest single, 'Hot A Road', featuring Paparazzi.

This single, produced by Don Richie Records, is his most popular to date and appears on the speaker-thumping Nectar rhythm, which also features heavyweights like Sizzla and Capleton.

He has just released a video for the song.

The artiste's background has helped him to create a unique sound that dancehall fans are responding to in Europe.

"I have been exposed to a diversity in culture, so I bring the European vibes, combined with the Jamaican culture, in the production of my music," said the deejay, whose real name is Teeroy Douglas.

He said he been getting airplay on the radio stations in the UK and in the Asian market.

Born in St Catherine, Dizee started creating and developing his music skills at age 10, when he used to sing in his local community and church.

He started writing songs while he was a student at Jonathan Grant High, but then left to reside in the UK at age 17.

"That's when I actually started taking music as a career, and I have been working on my craft ever since," he said.

He is haunted by his experiences growing up in the war-torn area of Spanish Town, and his gritty songs reflect the real socio-economic struggles of young people determined to make it despite the odds, with songs such as My Life, This Time It Hurts and Dem Can't Stop Me.

Dizee hopes to create his own business in the music industry. He is currently working on producing two artistes, Y Criss and Squeak Ras, on his own Hardaway Family label.

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