Chevaughn sees musical wealth with 'Quintillionaire'


January 04, 2017
Contributed Chevaughn

With a song inspired greatly by his own experiences, the effervescent singer Chevaughn has high hopes for his musical career this year.

In the latter part of 2016, the artiste premiered Quintillionaire, a song that speaks to struggles through life's experiences and needing a change of circumstance, something the artiste has started to mirror in his own personal and artistic life.

Formerly of the C Sharp Band, Chevaughn gained extreme local popularity with his Ding Dong collaboration Holiday in 2009.

He focused mostly on writing material for the majority of 2016.

But the artiste decided to be obedient to his own musical direction when the inspiration of Quintillionaire manifested.

Chevaughn sees this single as the expression of his metamorphosis as an artiste in physical appearance and sound.

He believes fans will see this more in 2017 with the release of similar material to Quintillionaire.

"I think everyone can relate to the concept of Quintillionaire, from the kid who just left high school looking for a job and could use a $100,000 to parents who, after Christmas, could use a bills to start the year right, and even the single working person who could always use a financial boost," Chevaughn explained.

A video will follow shortly and the song will soon be officially available for digital purchase.

The track will form part of Chevaughn's debut L.P. From Scratch, which will be released early this year as well.

Chevaughn will also be performing his own material in a full-length set for the first time at Rebel Salute on Friday January 13.

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