IPD Green targets Africa and Jamaica with music

January 07, 2017
IPD Green

Overseas-based recording artiste/producer IPD Green is promoting a new record titled 'Highest Grade'.

The artiste who has been steadily building his brand in various markets told The STAR that he is employing a unique strategy to increase his marketability.

"I try to target different audiences with my music because music is a global language. I have technology to my advantage, so why not use it to get my work to the masses instead of focusing on one thing at a time?" he said.

IPD Green said so far the feedback has been great in the US, Canada and Gambia, and he is now looking to Jamaica.

"I am bringing true music to the public and fans and I want to uplift the youths and motivate them to stop from stop killing people. Music is not just entertainment and joy but also a way to communicate with the masses and see if we as artistes can cause a positive change because the world is too violent right now" he said.

IPD Green is gearing up to release a new EP in March.

"I promise to deliver good music and good production. It is very important to bring some good music to my country of birth where reggae and dancehall was born. I also want the Jamaican people get to know who is IPD Green and to learn of my musical journey," he said.


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