Lah Divah is 'solid as a rock'

January 09, 2017
Lah Divah

Reggae artiste Lah Divah has been getting a buzz with her latest release 'Solid As A Rock'.

The songstress released the single on her own label, Lah Divah Productions, this month.

“The song is a motivational song. It is telling you to keep moving forward and despite the obstacles, never look back,” she explained.

Lah Divah said she will be releasing a video for it soon.

“My fans are eager to see the visual behind the words of 'Solid As A Rock' and my team and I are doing the necessary work to ensure they get the best quality there is,”she said.

Lah Divah said she is executing a strong promotional campaign, and is circulating the single heavily both locally and internationally.

“The song has been getting airplay internationally, especially on the European reggae scene. My fan base is growing and my objective is to release more good music that they can relate to. Radio disc jocks in the Caribbean have also added the song to their daily juggling and the support is simply remarkable” Said Lah Divah.

Lah Divah is also set to release a new single 'Sometimes In Life' which will also serve as a motivational track for her fans. 

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