Strictly 2K pleases patrons

January 11, 2017
This female patron kept it strictly dancehall in her mesh merino.
These two seemed pretty comfortable as they embraced each other.
These three were ready to pose for the camera.
Radio personality Jade was cute in floral print.
Singer Alaine (right) and her friend seem to be in the mood to party.
This patron was on trend in this blue jumpsuit.

As one of the most anticipated events of the past Christmas season, Strictly 2K certainly did not disappoint.

Highlighting music from the 2000s, patrons streamed into the National Stadium in their hundreds to revel to the musical genius of Tony Matterhorn, ZJ Liquid and DJ Nicco.

The promoters, ZJ Chrome and JEM Entertainment, promised an event filled with non-stop vibes, and they delivered just that.

"We are very humbled by the turnout," said JEM director IB Konteh.

"This was the first event of the Strictly 2K brand. We knew we had a great concept, and we believed partygoers missed music of the 2000 era just as much as they missed music of the '90s. The entire team is very happy with how it turned out and patrons can expect Strictly 2K in May."

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