Cero optimistic about his future in music

January 13, 2017

Music Tree Records recording artiste Cero is generating some buzz with his latest release, Ah So Me Say, for new independent label Music Tree Records.

The word 'cero' means 'zero' in Spanish.

"I call myself Cero because zero is the first number. They say it has no value, but this Cero will be the only one with true value," the artiste, whose name is Tevin Campbell, said.

While he was a student at St George's College, the Kingston-born artiste was an avid member of the cadet corps, but music was his first true love.

"At school, I used to be the one to beat the desk for the rhythm for other people to deejay. I couldn't sing at the time, but I knew that music was in me from dem time deh," he said.

When he graduated high school, he landed a job flipping burgers at a local Burger King joint. He began to hone his craft, voicing in small studios for local producers. However, he did not record his first song, Ah So Me Say, until he was 22 on a rhythm for producer Rickey Bones of Music Tree Records.

"The response to Ah So Me Say has been mixed. Mi get negatives, but I just take it as constructive criticism. And I have got positive responses. People like the catchphrases at the end. My father like the positive appeal to the youth to denounce violence. Big up Music Tree, who a help bring me to the world," he said.

Nonetheless, he believes that he has a bright future.

"I see myself charting on the Billboard chart and being a major force in music. I am working on perfecting my craft and flow, so I have a lot of work to do," he said.

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