Cross-dresser 'daggers' to Kalado's song - Deejay says his music is universal

January 13, 2017
Dancehall King Chrissy.
Dancehall King Chrissy.
Dancehall King Chrissy

Social media cross-dresser Chrissy recently caught the attention of online viewers and dancehall fans after he posted a video dancing with his male partners to Kalado's song 'Bounce'.

The video, which lasts for a little more than 20 seconds, shows Chrissy, dressed in a pink bodysuit, jumping and then performing an acrobatic split on a fellow male dancer who was lying on his back shirtless on the dance floor, patiently awaiting Chrissy's thundering impact. All this, while the selector cheered them on and cracked the volume on Bounce.

Kalado, who seemed unbothered by the fact that the men were dancing to the song, told THE WEEKEND STAR that music is a universal product.

"I have to keep my views on the situation to myself. When you make music, you can't stop people from dancing to it. Dancehall music is for the people, and so it encounters with people from all walks of life. But really, I have to keep my views to myself. Yuh done know what Jamaicans stand for on certain issues, so I don't have to delve into that," he said.

The deejay, who has a habit of reposting videos on his personal social media pages showcasing fans dancing to his music, also told THE WEEKEND STAR that he would not be reposting this particular video.

"I would never repost that on my Instagram. A Jamaica this. Mi nah bash a next man culture, but that is not ours. But even so, I post a lot of fan videos on my page once I like it. But there are also a lot of videos which I don't post," he said.

However, this type of video is not a first. Vybz Kartel's song, Beautiful Girls, was featured in a 2014 documentary highlighting homosexual men called Jamaican Gully Queens. Men also twerked to Charly Black's Bike Back in September of last year. He, too, expressed that he has no control over who supports his music.

Cross-dresser Chrissy, who calls himself a 'Dancehall King', racked up more than 100,000 views for the dance video.

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